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It’s Your Choice. So, Choose Wisely!
It’s Your Choice. So, Choose Wisely!

Sep 18, 2017 by Media and IT Unit

It’s Your Choice. So, Choose Wisely!...

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Studying in Canada

Why Study in Canada? 

Highly Ranked Institutions

Canadian institutions are consistently ranked in the world top universities. It is home to eighteen of top 400 universities in the world (THE World University Ranking 2015/2016). Canada offers you a world class education with lots of universities and colleges option to choose from.

Work Experience

International students have the advantage of gaining work experience while studying which will help them acquire lots of knowledge and skills which will develop them as a student. Also, there are lots of immigration policies which are favorable for international students such as: Students with Canadian credentials and work experience have the opportunity of applying for a permanent residence without having to leave Canada.

Popular study destination

Overtime, Canada has attracted a large number of international students for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. In 2012, it was ranked as the most educated country in the world and is currently the 7th most popular destination for international students.

An exciting place to study

It is a beautiful and welcoming country for students seeking quality education and adventure. There are lots of natural beauties in Canada; students will have lots of activities outside campus life such as Hiking, water skiing, scuba, rock climbing and lots more.

Culture and Traditions

Canada is a multicultural country with a vast range of cultural activities which gives it a distinct custom and tradition. The official languages are English and French, other widely spoken languages are Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish, Italian and Arabic. Canadians are predominantly tolerant and polite, so new students are always welcome. When it comes to greeting, a handshake with a firm grip and direct eye contact is most common. When addressing someone, the use of the persons title/last name is considered polite while use of first names is common among close friends and relatives.

Some popular Canadian slang:

  • Toonie-  Canadian two dollar coin
  •  Double-Double- Used when ordering for a coffee; indicating two creams and two sugars
  •  Pop- sweet, carbonated beverage
  •  ByTown- Ottawa, Ontario which is the capital city of Canada


Depending on the distance you are travelling, there are many ways to get around, people often travel between major cities by airplane and you can also go by rail, taxis or rent a car.  To save cost, catching a bus can be the cheapest way of travelling between cities. Transportation in Canada is very efficient and reliable; students should not worry about this.

Cost of Living in Canada

Living cost varies depending on where you choose to study for your degree. It is mostly cheaper compared to other destinations.

For accommodation, students have the option of choosing homestay, university accommodation or a private accommodation. However, the cost of this also varies from one province/city to another so students need not worry because the fees are reasonable.

Below is a monthly estimate which covers some major living expenses.



















Students should note that this is only an average estimate and could vary from city to city.

Life in Canada

Canada is a welcoming and friendly country which makes it a favorite destination for individuals. It is ranked as one of the best countries in the world to live in today. With over 17 world heritage sites located in Canada, many students seeking quality education and natural experiences always choose Canada as their number one destination for study. As a student, there are lots of opportunities available for you and enough room to explore Canada’s beautiful nature.

If you are considering choosing Canada for your studies, you have made a good choice.