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It’s Your Choice. So, Choose Wisely!
It’s Your Choice. So, Choose Wisely!

Sep 18, 2017 by Media and IT Unit

It’s Your Choice. So, Choose Wisely!...

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What International Students Must Know about Entry Requirements for Universities in USA
What International Students Must Know about Entry Requirements for Universities in USA

Confused about the entry requirements for universities in the USA? We can help! Check out this...


We will assign you a study abroad Visa Consultant who will provide comprehensive advice relating...

Test Preparation

Standardized tests are devised especially to evaluate students and compare their aptitude in a consistent manner. Our Admission Counselor will review any standardized test scores (e.g. GRE, GMAT, SAT) that you have already taken, which might help you with your admission. They will also guide you regarding the scores that universities will be looking for and the scores that you should be aiming for in order to target particular institutions. If you have not taken any of the standardized tests that are required, our Admission Counselor will book these for you.


The International English Language Testing System; IELTS is the world’s most popular English-language test for study, work and migration, accepted by over 9,000 organizations and Institutions worldwide  and with more than 2.5 million tests taken each year.  The tests are offered up to four times a month in over 900 test venues in more than 140 countries. (Include locations in Nigeria)  Results are issued about two weeks after the tests and could be sent by Official IELTS test centres to designated organizations or institutions provided it has been nominated, either by post mail or electronically. The cost of taking the test is set locally and payable in the local currency, making it convenient.

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The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a computer adaptive test intended to assess analytical writing and problem-solving skills, while also addressing data sufficiency, logic and critical reasoning that is believed to be important in the world of business and management. More than 2100 universities and institutions use the GMAT exam as part of their criteria for their programs. Business schools use the test as a criterion for admission into a range of graduate management programs, including MBA, Master of Accountancy and Finance. The GMAT is administered by standardized test centers in over 100 countries around the world.

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SAT is a standardized test mostly used for admissions to undergraduate programs. It is usually used by most universities and colleges to measure critical reading, writing skills and mathematical skills. In the United States, this test is used by more than half of the universities and colleges to assess student’s readiness for college.  

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Pearson Test of English Language exam used to test communication skills of individuals whose first language is not English. The test focuses on how well an individual can communicate in the actual sense thereby using real-life scenarios rather than grammatical expressions.Over a 1000 universities worldwide accepts the PTE as a proof of English Language proficiency and usually a requirement for Visa purposes by the Australian government.

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The Graduate Record Examination is a standardized test required for admission to graduate schools. The test focuses on measuring the quantitative and verbal reasoning, analytical writing and critical thinking skills of individuals. It is usually used by most business and graduate schools in the USA and some other countries.

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